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“Bruce was punctual and professional throughout the entire Appraisal process…”

John R – Homeowner
San Rafael, CA

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Serving Sonoma, Marin and Napa Counties.


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Yes – We serve Banks, Lenders and AMCs for regular mortgage loans.

However, we also specialize in Non-Lender appraisal reports, like the following…

• Appraisal for PRE-LISTING (…before property is exposed to market / MLS )
• Divorces
• Estate / Date of Death / Probate
• Bail Bonds
• Property Tax Appeals (Did you or your client buy at peak in 2003-08?)
• Pre-Nuptial agreements
• PMI Removal (Private Mortgage Insurance)
• Specialty properties ( i.e. Dome houses, Manufactured homes, etc. )



Bruce J. Ford is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker with over 22 years of real estate appraisal experience. He enjoys educating and sharing his practical knowledge with realtors, financial planners, accountants, attorneys and other real estate professionals. The appraisal profession is not known for a "get and take" harmony between the appraisers and the various stakeholders involved in the real estate transaction.

Bruce seeks to reverse that way of thinking…. Bruce wants to engage his audience with examples, graphics, and lively Q & A… that "chunks" down the most complex real estate issues and problems into a worthy learning experience, and does it with a light humorous touch. That's a true benefit.

Today's real estate market is riddled with perils and pitfalls. Bruce wants to give you and your team takeaways on the appraisal process that you can apply to your everyday work. Bruce seeks to bridge vital understanding between realtors and appraisers, and believes that a shared alliance will prove fruitful for years to come.

Speaking Topics

• RE Appraisal: The Basics (The how, what and why…)
• Mastering the Appraisal Jungle
• How an Appraiser makes adjustments
• Solving "Subject to" Conditions…
• FHA Appraisal : Guidelines for simple success
• Appeal / Challenging a Faulty Appraisal
• Note: Bruce was a Senior Reviewer for an AMC for four years… he can help!
• Clearing the Air: What You Can and Can't Say To an Appraiser
• State of The Appraisal Industry (Beyond Dodd-Frank Act...)
• Market Trends explained…
• And More….